What is digital change?

the only constant in life is change‘Digital Change’ was the subject of my MBA dissertation and something that I am absolutely passionate about. What follows is an  explanation of this type of change and why you need to understand it:

Organisations and individuals need to change constantly, for all kinds of reasons, but achieving a true step change in performance is rare . Science and technology hold out a dazzling and almost unimaginable future. Huge leaps in technology, associated with increased global need and awareness mean that the opportunities presented by technology are becoming limitless. As such, the nature of individual lives and company-customer interactions is undergoing fundamental transformations with far-reaching implications. This requires businesses and individuals to undergo radical changes at an increasing rate as the rapid evolution of technologies and its declining costs are creating opportunities to transform and improve.

In today’s technology driven, globally connected world, the only constant is change. The only way to survive is to adapt. During recent years, there have been transformational changes in consumer behaviour and their use of technology, massive rise in internet usage, turmoil in the financial markets, and the emergence of new forms of digital technology. All of which put a premium on the ability to change continuously. Companies and individuals need to adapt fast – whatever your role you need to understand this type of change and how to use and navigate it.

Many companies are now exploring how digital tools can make their business more efficient, by improving customer service, enhancing quality and speeding up time to market. For most businesses, however, this represents only the first step in a process that may ultimately transform the nature of the business itself.  Yet there are still many failures as quicker and more agile companies make ground and the slower competitors are left behind. This means that the ability to cope with often dramatically altering contextual forces has become a key determining factor of competitive advantage and organisational survival. In this context, there is no doubt of the importance of this type of ‘digital change’ to companies and individuals.

A shift in vocabulary from “change” to “changing” is required for  to make us more attentive to the dynamic, changeful character of life.  The Changebytes blog explores how to lead and navigate this continuous ‘digital change’ in everyday life. How do you adapt to the continually evolving world?

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