Goal setting – what’s the best app for that?

In the digital age it seems there is an app for absolutely everything. I’ve had a look at some of the apps out there for setting and managing goals and reviewed three that I have tried so far. I’ve rated them on a scale of one to five stars. One star meaning that I’ll be deleting it from my phone and five meaning I’ll be using it every day from now on!

My Wonderful Goals ★★★my_wonderful_goals___to-do_note_for_my_daily_life-645854

Good for: Managing a daily to do list against categorised goals like reminding yourself to exercise daily. It also provides a calendar view.

Not so good for: Tracking and managing your high level goals.

What I liked the most: The lovely user interface and simple style used to categorise goals.

What I liked the least: Not having an overview of the goals I’m working towards with deadlines.

Goal setting ★★bettergoals-logo1

Good for: Creating a summary of your short, medium and long-term goals.

Not so good for: Tracking progress towards you goals although there is a notes section you could us but I’d like to see % progress.

What I liked the most: It’s very simple to start using.

What I liked the least: Not being able to tick off completion of goals.

SMART Goals ★★★Smart goals

Good for: Having s structured approach to creating SMART GOALS and setting key milestones that integrates with the calendar on iCal (the calendar on your iPhone).

Not so good for: Being able to break the goals down into daily actions, you could do it with the milestones but it could be quite hard work.

What I liked the most: Being able to have a view of my goals and monitor my progress towards them.

What I liked the least: This is probably the best app I’ve come across so far. If I was being really picky I’d like some kind of count down timer on the goals summary pages.

There are some really interesting apps here that make it easier to manage your goals on the go. If I was building my own there are a few tweaks I would make….now that’s an interesting goal to set myself! Are there any apps that you use that make goal setting and management easier? I’d love to hear about them…

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