Let’s celebrate!

Achieve your goals

Well my little blog is only a few days old but for me that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate.

I’d been thinking about doing this for a long time and its only now I’ve taken action. So what took me so long?  I guess partly fear as I didn’t know what people would think or whether it would be any good. But now I’ve started it doesn’t matter – its just an achievement getting started. We can get too worried about achieving something perfect when the best thing is to really just get going.

I listened to an audiobook recently that really helped with my thinking on this, its called learning to avoid the gap. At the most basic level it describes two types of people:

1. Those who measure themselves in terms of how far they have come, recognising all of the small achievements they have made

2. Those who measure their achievements against their progress to their goals which can be ultimately unrealistic and unachievable

Of course that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have goals, our goals are there to inspire us and motivate us. It just means that we shouldn’t beat ourselves up if we haven’t reached them yet, we should invest our limited resources in making the small steps and celebrating the progress we have made. Its very simple but for me very profound.

As a self confessed perfectionist I’ve spent most of my life measuring myself against an ideal future state. Although this means I have been incredibly successful on many levels but at times unhappy when I feel I have fallen short. I’ve realised its time to start taking a different perspective. I don’t think that it will make me any less successful but I hope that will lead to a perspective that is more rewarding and satisfying.


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